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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Tear Trough Training Course is an advanced aesthetics course for healthcare professionals with previous injectable experience. This course is for an advanced aesthetic practitioner.  Delegates should have previously completed a Foundation Course with an accredited training provider.

As the centrepiece of the face, the nose can have drastic effects on patients’ entire faces if there are severely unaesthetic aspects to it. However, risk must be taken into account in the interest of safety. Lateral to this, volume loss under the eye can age a person’s face far beyond their years and give an immensely tired look. However, inaccurate placement of filler here can show up mistakes much more obviously than almost anywhere else on the face. Skild’s non-surgical rhinoplasty and peri-occular course teaches delegates how to provide these highly sought-after procedures safely and responsibly.

Who is this course suitable for?

  Advanced practitioners with one of the following registrations;

Learning Objectives

  • Understand of the anatomy of the nose and peri-occular region
  • Understand why the nasal region is much higher risk
  • Understand aesthetics of these areas and the role they play within overall facial harmony and their contribution to the ageing process
  • Gain an ability to complete aesthetic consultations effectively
  • Product choice for advanced dermal filler procedures
  • Learn how to consult clients ethically when selling treatment and prevent client dissatisfaction by controlling expectations and explaining limitations
  • Give appropriate post-procedure care advice

Theory Covered

  • Basic Botox pharmacology, indications, limitations, storage, dilution and administration
  • Basic rheology of dermal fillers
  • Understand product choice during treatment planning
  • Choosing appropriate injection locations and doses for Botox treatments
  • Relevant facial anatomy including vasculature, skeleton, musculature, fat pads, nervous innervation and movement vectors
  • Using anatomy to ensure safety and complication minimisation
  • Coping with / treating side effects such as simple bruising all the way to double-vision or occlusion-related necrosis
  • Gender specific analysis
  • Indication for combining Botox with dermal fillers
  • Safely dissolving filler in both emergencies and non-emergencies
  • Treatment review; patient assessment, treatment assessment, long-term maintenance planning

Techniques Covered

  • Cannula and needle usage for both areas as well as (contra)indications and advantages for each
  • Aesthetic analysis for treatment planning and advising clients on when a surgical option might be better
  • Appropriate product and entry point selection
  • Aftercare advice
  • Methods to minimise risk in inherently risky areas

What’s included in the course?

  • Access to our the Skild Community for post-course communication with our experts, knowledge sharing with other alumni and help requests
  • Training materials
  • Access to experts 
  • Preferential product pricing through partner pharmacies
  • Skild Professional Certificate of Completion


  In order to be presented an insurer-approved certificate, delegates must learn and demonstrate the following criteria:
  • Medical and social history history taking
  • Physical facial assessment and clinical judgement
  • Indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Recognise and gain valid consent
  • Pre-procedure preparation
  • Selection and application of analgesics
  • Safely deliver product with both technical and artistic ability
  • Post-procedure care and advice
  • Effective communication and professionalism throughout entire client journey
  • Overall competency as a clinical to treat clients safely and appropriately
  • Successful meeting of the above criteria will result in presentation of the SkilD training certificate to each delegate.
  • Failure to meet the criteria will require the delegate to attend the course again at their own cost in order to receive a certificate.


  • 8.30 – registration
  • 9.00am – Day commences, introduction to staff, theory session
  • Lunch
  • Practical / treatment session
  • 6pm – Certificate presentation
Course price

From: £1,250

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