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The Skild Botox and lip filler course provides delegates with the best possible start to their careers by teaching how these incredibly popular treatments work to reduce muscle activity and volumise the face. Skild have combined Botox and dermal filler training to create an in-depth and structured way of entering the field of medical aesthetics.

This is an in-depth and multidisciplinary Botox and lip filler course, covering not only physical injection techniques, but the expertise and competence necessary to provide excellent client experiences when you put your skills into practice. Our experts will guide you through the techniques of delivering Botulinum Toxin (sometimes referred to as Botox) and dermal fillers on multiple live models. Upon successful completion of the foundation Botox and lip fillers course delegates will be ideally positioned to enter the field of injectable treatments.

Business aspects, medico-legal requirements, recognising ‘valid’ consent, consultation ability, managing complications and more skills are all taught to ensure that you leave us as complete an aesthetic practitioner as possible. This course is recommended for all professionals that are medically trained and qualified with the relevant regulatory bodies and looking into the field of medical aesthetics.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Doctors
  • Dentists 
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to aesthetics, Botox, dermal fillers and their limitations
  • Relevant facial anatomy
  • Pharmacology of toxins and dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers
  • Gain an ability to complete aesthetic consultations effectively
  • Understand what makes consent ‘valid’.
  • Administering botox and dermal fillers using the latest evidence based medicine
  • Aesthetic complications and managing risk
  • The five pillars to setting up an aesthetic business

Theory Covered

  • Basic Botox pharmacology, indications, limitations, storage, dilution and administration
  • Basic rheology of dermal fillers
  • Understand product choice as part of toxin and dermal filler training
  • Choosing appropriate injection locations and doses for Botox treatments
  • Relevant facial anatomy including vasculature, skeleton, musculature, fat pads, nervous innervation and movement vectors
  • Using anatomy to ensure safety and complication minimisation
  • Coping with / treating side effects such as simple bruising all the way to double-vision or occlusion-related necrosis
  • Gender specific analysis
  • Indication for combining Botox with dermal fillers
  • Safely dissolving filler in both emergencies and non-emergencies
  • Treatment review; patient assessment, treatment assessment, long-term maintenance planning

Practical Covered

  • Supervised consultation, assessment and treatment of multiple models
  • Full treatment of models
  • Appreciating the difference between injecting in a general medical and aesthetics context
  • Facial assessment and subsequent selection of appropriate injection points and doses
  • Multiple filler placement techniques and effective selection of technique for each client
  • See the importance of good medical photography in practice

What’s included in the course?

  • Access to our Skild Facebook group for post-course communication with our experts, knowledge sharing with other alumni and help requests
  • Delegate insurance for Botox and filler courses on training day
  • Training materials
  • Access to experts
  • Preferential product pricing through partner pharmacies


  As part of the Botox and filler courses, delegates will be assessed on the following;  
  • Medical and social history taking
  • Patient assessment and clinical decision making
  • Understand indication and contraindications for treatment
  • Recognise and gain valid consent
  • Pre-treatment procedures
  • Selection and application of analgesics
  • Safely deliver product with both technical and artistic ability
  • Post-procedure care and advice
  • Effective communication and professionalism throughout entire client journey


  • 0830 – registration
  • 0900 – day starts
  • Introduction
  • Theory Refresh
  • Practical
  • Lunch & business considerations
  • Practical
  • 6pm – certification


  What are the entry requirements for this course?
  • You must be a medically qualified doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, paramedic or physiotherapist.
Are non-prescribing nurses able to carry out Botox and filler courses?
  • Yes you are able to train in Botox and dermal fillers treatments. Non-prescribing nurses often work with prescribing colleagues to safely provide client treatments.
Which products will I be trained in as part of my Botox and dermal filler training?
  • Skild Botox and filler courses are supported with products from leading manufacturers including Allergan, Galderma and Merz.
Will I be insured to provide client treatments as part of the training day?
  • Yes you will be insured to administer guided treatments. Upon course completion, delegates will need to arrange their own insurance. Insurance requirements are covered as part of the course.
What is the training group size?
  • Skild Botox and filler courses have a maximum classroom size 6
Who will I be trained by?
  • Skild Botox and lip filler course is delivered by expert doctors and dentists who specialise in the field of aesthetic medicine
Do I treat clients on the day?
  • Under expert guidance delegates will perform multiple treatments.
Who arranges the model?
  • No you do need to bring your own model. This is taken care of by Skild.
What support is provided to delegates following the Botox training course?
  • Access to the Aesthetics Academy – a non-profit organisation led by renowned expert Dr Ryan Hamdy. The organisation is centred around supporting new and experienced injectors in their aesthetics careers with a core focus around evidenced based medicine and clinical practice.
  • Expert Facebook Community for ongoing support
How much does the Foundation Botox and filler course cost?
  • The Skild Foundation BOTOX and Dermal Fillers course is £950
Can I book the course online?
  • You can book the course on our website here Upon successful course completion, delegates will be eligible to enrol onto the advanced courses. All Skild Academy BOTOX courses and filler courses are delivered by experts.      
Course price

From: £950

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