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Botox and Filler courses by Skild. This is an advanced aesthetics course for experienced injectors.



Our advanced aesthetics lip and peri-oral masterclass course is designed to allow delegates to create beautiful lips each and every time by understanding the entire peri-oral region as a whole instead of looking at the lips in isolation. Many Foundation Botox and Filler courses cover the lip and peri-oral region at a superficial level, the Skild advanced aesthetics course has been created with the patient in mind. Our delegates will be provided the training to deliver exceptional results each and every time.  This gives them the ability to improvise techniques on their own and treat everyone as an individual. Without understanding the lips in the context of their surrounding anatomy, your ability as a clinician will be severely limited.

Who is this course suitable for?


Learning Objectives


Introduction to peri-oral anatomy and limitations of what can be achieved for appropriate treatment planning, product choice and analysis of lip aesthetics.

  • Understand lip/peri-oral aging and the possible ways to address this using needles and cannulas.
  • Gain an ability to complete lower face consultations effectively while understanding psychological needs of your clients so you know when to say no.
  • Learn how to prevent client dissatisfaction by controlling expectations and explaining limitations.
  • Give appropriate post-procedure care advice.
  • Diagnose, manage and treat complications.

Techniques Covered

  • Tenting Technique
    • Developed by Tom Van Eijk, this technique lifts the white roll to optimize the canine arc projection.
  •  Cannula Usage
    • Microcannulas are useful in lip augmentation due to some advantages they can offer such as increased safety, bruising minimisation and reduced number of entry points.
  • Cupids bow
    • Aging of the lip leads to many changes including loss of definition in the cupid’s bow area. Using appropriate technique, we are able to help bring some of this back.
  • Russian / voluptuous Lips
    • These outcomes are for clients wanting a much fuller look so they stand out from the crowd. There is no one technique for achieving this and thorough aesthetic analysis is required to maximise outcome.
  • Botox Lip Flip 
    • Using botulinum toxin, relaxation of the lip muscle (orbicularis oris) causes it to rotate outward and upward to give the appearance of a fuller and more voluminous lip. Complications and risks of this technique must be understood in order to deliver it safely.
  • Keyhole
    • This technique often seen on social media is incredibly popular to create a central pout to the mouth by using string or dental floss to separate the tubercles of the lips during injection. Limitations of this technique must be understood to prevent client dissatisfaction

What’s included in the course?

  • Access to our the Skild Community for post-course communication with our experts, knowledge sharing with other alumni and help requests
  • Training materials
  • Access to experts 
  • Preferential product pricing through partner pharmacies
  • Skild Professional Certificate of Completion


  • 8.30 – registration
  • 9.00am – Day commences, introduction to staff, theory session
  • Lunch
  • Practical / treatment session
  • 6pm – Certificate presentation
Course price

From: £1,250

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