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  Cosmetic aesthetics requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy in order to deliver the perfect customer experience safely. Time and again they analyse the whole face at the same time due to the anatomical knock-on effects that treating one area has on another. Skild’s full facial masterclass is the culmination of this type of analysis and brings together full face analysis with full face treatment for injectors with previous experience in the appropriate areas. We recommend this course only to delegates with ample prior injecting experience in multiple areas of the face.

Who is this course suitable for?


Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to analysis of the facial contours and constituents of the facial profile as well as relevant anatomy
  • Understand facial aging and the possible ways to reverse this
  • Gain an ability to complete aesthetic consultations effectively.
  • Learn how to consult clients ethically when selling treatment and prevent client dissatisfaction by controlling expectations and explaining limitations
  • Give appropriate post-procedure care advice

Techniques Covered

  • Analysis of the entire face as a whole with appropriate treatment planning.
  • Analysis of the differences between male and female clients is extremely important in order to be able to create beautiful faces as opposed to just individual beautiful areas
  • Appropriate product choice when injecting.

What’s included in the course?

  • Access to our the Skild Community for post-course communication with our experts, knowledge sharing with other alumni and help requests
  • Training materials
  • Access to experts 
  • Preferential product pricing through partner pharmacies
  • Skild Professional Certificate of Completion



Delegates must have previously completed a Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers course with an accredited training provider.  In order to be presented an insurer-approved certificate, delegates must learn and demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Medical and social history history taking
  • Physical facial assessment and clinical judgement
  • Indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Recognise and gain valid consent
  • Pre-procedure preparation
  • Selection and application of analgesics
  • Safely deliver product with both technical and artistic ability
  • Post-procedure care and advice
  • Effective communication and professionalism throughout entire client journey
  • Overall competency as a clinical to treat clients safely and appropriately


  • 8.30 – registration
  • 9.00am – Day commences, introduction to staff, theory session
  • Lunch
  • Practical / treatment session
  • 6pm – Certificate presentation
Course price

From: £2,000

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