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Skild’s Advanced Botox course is perfect for those looking to become advanced aesthetic practitioners. It allows delegates with foundation experience to increase their treatment repertoire and provide more advanced applications of Botox. Students will be able to offer more advanced Botox treatments beyond the standard foundation areas of upper face only.

Who is this course suitable for?

  Botox training for nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and paramedics.  

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to aesthetics, Botox, dermal fillers and their limitations
  • Relevant facial anatomy
  • Pharmacology of toxins and dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers
  • Gain an ability to complete aesthetic consultations effectively
  • Understand what makes consent ‘valid’.
  • Administering botox and dermal fillers using the latest evidence based medicine
  • Aesthetic complications and managing risk
  • The five pillars to setting up an aesthetic business

Theory Covered

  • Treatment plan appropriate injection locations and doses.
  • Relevant facial anatomy including vasculature, skeleton, musculature, fat pads, nervous innervation and movement vectors.
  • Safety and complications minimisation
  • Differences between treating different genders.
  • Indications for combining Botox with dermal fillers.
  • The patient review: patient assessment, treatment assessment and longer term maintenance planning

Practical Covered

  • Supervised consultation, assessment and treatment of multiple models.
  • Facial assessment and treatment planning

What’s included in the course?

  • Access to our Skild community for post-course communication with our experts, knowledge sharing with other alumni and help requests.
  • Purpose-built clinic designed specifically for teaching and treating.
  • Certificate of Professional Completion

Advanced Aesthetics Assessment?


In order to be presented an insurer-approved certificate, delegates must learn and demonstrate the competence required to become an advanced aesthetic practitioner:

  • Medical and social history history taking
  • Physical facial assessment and clinical decision-making
  • Indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Understand legal requirements for valid consent
  • Pre-procedure preparation
  • Selection and application of analgesics
  • Safely deliver product with both technical and artistic ability
  • Post-procedure care and advice
  • Effective communication and professionalism throughout entire patient journey

Successful meeting of the above criteria will result in presentation of the Skild Certificate of Professional Completion. Failure to meet the criteria will require the delegate to attend the course again at their own cost in order to receive a certificate.


    • 8.30 – registration
    • 9.00am – Day commences, introduction to staff, theory session
    • 12pm – Lunch
    • 1pm – Practical / treatment session
    • 6pm – Certificate presentation

How to book

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Course price

From: £750

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