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Your first Botox course: five tips to know beforehand

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Your first Botox course: five tips to know beforehand


Your first BOTOX course or dermal fillers course / training is probably your very first foray into the world of aesthetic medicine. To ensure you don’t let your excitement get ahead of you and help you make the most out of training, take a look below at some top tips from an experienced injector.

  • Read up on the musculature of the upper face before you arrive.

Foundation Botox and dermal filler training will inevitably teach you upper face treatment areas. To arrive and not understand which muscle is which while being expected to inject them can be very daunting. You should be very familiar with the frontalis, depressor supercilii, corrugator and procerus muscles at the very least.

  • Understand the different toxin brands

Botox, Azzalure and Bocouture are the three main brands of botulinum toxin in the UK. “Botox training” really should be called botulinum toxin training if we’re being strict. Do not confuse the brand ‘Botox training’ with the molecular botulinum toxin.

  • Powder + saline = injectable product

If you’ve never seen Botox or any other botulinum toxin product, it will surprise you to see it in it’s commercial form: a powder. This powder must be mixed with saline to turn into an injectable product. Each brand has it’s own powder to saline ratio, stick with one until you are experienced so you don’t confuse yourself.

  • Make friends

When you meet your fellow delegates, understand that you’re all in the same boat so no question regarding Botox courses is a stupid question. Help each other and you will grow together. It’s not uncommon to make a chat group of all the delegates from the same day so you can share notes too.

  • Get insured!

There’s nothing worse than doing a Botox course, rushing to treat people and getting it wrong only to find out that you now have a complaint and none to defend you! Your course will include insurance for the day, but get insured as soon as you finish so you can start treating patients before you have a chance to forget what you learnt.

Hopefully these top tips will ensure you don’t make silly mistakes that many often do before their first Botox course. Above all, enjoy yourself and remember that the education journey never ends. Even experienced injectors still learn from each other every day.

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